James Park

James Park  Director

James Park

  • James Park has over 18 years of experience with business systems consulting in various industry and solution verticals and 9 years in the real estate and property management industry.

  • More recently, James served as a project manager and technical lead for the past 12 years in the real estate, manufacturing and healthcare industries. He brings a wide range of implementation expertise focused on the technical realm of solutions through multiple ERP, CRM, and System Integration implementations throughout his career.

  • James has a deep understanding of core business processes and has a proven track record of converting them into sound, manageable, and industry-leading solutions through technology.

  • His strengths lie in effective communication skills, applying situational best practices learned from years in the real estate industry, in-depth understanding of operating procedures that drive technical solutions, simplifying technical terminology into feasible logic, and through problem solving from a functional and technical perspective that work as one solution.

  • James has a Bachelor of Science in Information and Computer Science from the University California of Irvine.

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